Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Environmental issues are increasingly being dealt with on a multilateral basis because of their transboundary nature, among other things. Pacific Island Countries (PICs) regularly engage in multilateral negotiations and where these eventuate in a clearing house mechanism, frequently ratify these. The proliferation of MEAs over the years makes it important for country officers to know which MEAs their country has ratified, the obligations the MEA entails and the ongoing work of the MEA in pursuance of its objectives.

The MEA Clearing House Mechanism summarises the main MEAs relevant to the Pacific region, their background, decisions made and activities, at the national, regional and global levels.

What we do

SPREP provides legal advice to Members on the negotiation and implementation of MEAs. Capacity building is provided, as required, on negotiation skills, mainstreaming of MEA issues into the national planning process, and in addition, support is provided to the Pacific Island delegation preparing for and attending Conference of the Parties meetings for the major MEAs.
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