Cir#17/29: Introducing the following appointment within the Secretariat.

Circular 17/29
Circulaire 17/29

Cir#17/28: Invitation to attend the five day Regional Workshop on Cape Town Agreement of 2012 to be held from the 28th August to 1st September (inclusive) 2017, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Circular 17/28
Annex 1 & 2
Annex 3

Cir#17/27: SPREP Performance Implementation Plan (PIP)

Circular 17/27
PIP Consultation Draft

Circulaire 17/27
PIP Consultation Draft_French

Cir#17/26: Peace Corp Response Volunteer Placements to SPREP.

Circular 17/26
Circulaire 17/26

Cir#17/25: Whale Research Opportunity

Circular 17/25
Whale and Research Programme Brochure

Cir#17/24: Review and Development of a Regional Shark and Ray Action Plan to be incorporated into SPREP Marine Species Action Plan 2018-2022

Circular 17/24
SPREP Regional Shark Action Plan(Supplementary)2013-2017 Implementation Review

Cir#17/23: SPREP at the UN Ocean Conferences 5-9 June 2017.

Circular 17/23
SPREP at the United Nations Ocean Conference
UN Ocean Conference Survival Tips

Cir#17/22: Introducing new SPREP Staff - Director, Environmental Monitoring and Governance & Director, Waste Management and Pollution Control.

Circular 17/22
Circulaire 17/22

Cir#17/21: Invitation to attend Regional Workshop on MARPOL

Invitation to attend the four day Regional Workshop on MARPOL Annex V and Port Reception Facilities to be held from the 17 to 20 (inclusive) July 2017, Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands.
Circular 17/21
Annex 1 and 2

Cir#17/19: Revised Meeting Dates for the Friends of the Chair and Steering Committee.

Circular 17/19

Cir#17/18: GEF-UNEP Ratification and Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in the countries of the Pacific Region Project Planning Workshop, 26-30 June, 2017, SPREP Headquarters, Samoa.

Circular 17/18
Nomination Form

Cir#17/16: Cleaner Pacific 2025 - Request for input from development partners.

Circular 17/16
Development Partners Activity Matrix

Cir#17/15: Vacancy - SPREP Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser.

Circular 17/15
Job Description
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