PacWaste: E-waste in the Pacific (FS4)

Pages from RA192c EWaste PACWaste v8 wwwE-waste is discarded electrical and electronic equipment that is at the ‘end of its
life’ or no longer suitable for use.
• mobile phones, laptops, computers, photocopiers, printers
• toasters, hairdryers, refrigerators, air conditioning units
• televisions (especially older models with Cathode Ray Tubes), DVD players,
stereos, cameras
• smoke detectors, medical equipment and thermostats

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PacWaste : Asbestos in the Pacific (FS3)

Pages from RA192b Asbestos PACWaste v8 wwwAsbestos is a naturally occuring rock fibre that widely used in the past in building materials, insulation, brake lininigs, roofing products, electrical and other consumer products because of its flame retardant properties and other qualities.  Due to the known health effects, asbestos is now banned from most modern products.

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Climate change and ecosystem based adaptation (FS5)

Pages from Factsheet 5-hiBy the end of the century, climate change and its impacts may be the dominant direct driver of biodiversity loss and changes in ecosystem services globally.

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Climate change and waste (FS3)

Pages from 2-CC and wasteMunicipal solid waste including everyday waste from households, schools and shops, contains biodegradable organic matter such as kitchen waste, garden waste, and paper

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Climate change mitigation (FS2)

Pages from 2-CC and mitigationReducing greenhouse gases *GHG's) through mitigation actions will lessen the impact of climate change on the Pacific Isalnds and other Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

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What causes climate change? (FS1)

Pages from 1-What causes CCEnergy from the sun drives the Earth's weather and climate, by heating the Earth's surface.  To balance this, the Earth radiates energy back into space.

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PacWaste : Healthcare waste in the Pacific (FS2)

Pages from Healthcare Waste FS 1What is healthcare waste? Healthcare waste is the range of waste generated by hospitals and health clinics.

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PacWaste Project - General (FS1)

Pages from PacWaste Project Fact Sheet May2014What is PacWaste? Learn more about the Pacific Hazardous Waste Management Project.

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Waigani Convention

WaiganiFSThis factsheet is intended to provide its audience with information on the Waigani Convention ...

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Waste, Pollution and Tourism

Pages from Tourism
This factsheet is intended to provide its audience with some tips on proper waste management in the tourism sector...

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