Country-specific Sea Levels

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), are working together with Pacific Island Countries and Territories to monitor sea level rise in several Pacific Islands.

The project is called the South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project (SPSLCMP) and data from tide gauges installed around the Pacific is freely availalbe on their website.  Several of the SPSLCMP stations also have a Continuous Global Positioning System (CGPS) sensor permanently mounted next to the tide gauge which can record any vertical motion of the land mass.

Data now spanning 20 years can now be used to investigate trends in sea level data, which is showing a steady rise.  This rate of sea level rise is fastest in the Western Pacific.  Satellite data can also be used to understand how sea levels are changing across the Pacific.

Locations of SPSLCMP tide gauge locations around the south west Pacific.