Pacific Ocean Data

There are several sources of satelite data available for the Pacific.

Information on ocean properties affecting coral bleaching is available from a number of sources, including

  1. NOAA Coral Reef Watch provide some great products based on Sea Surface Temperature (SST).  These products include bleaching alerts, hotspots and Degree Heating Weeks (DHW).

You can focus in on the Pacific region by selecting the product you want on the left hand side under 'Near-Real-Time Data', then select the Pacific region from the link under the image.

  1. The Pacific Reefbase  offer access to information via an interactive map such as Sea Surface Temperatures, Coral Bleaching, the location of Coral Reefs, Marine Managed areas and more.

While these datasets are easy to access, they do not allow the user to focus in on their particular region.  A slightly more complicated interface at can be found on the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) site, which has more control.

Information on Sea Surface Height (SSH) data is also useful as this can raise or lower sea level around an island by up to 30cm (not including the tides).  Snapshots of SSH data is available from

  1. NOAA Atlantic Oceanic and Meotorologic Laboratory (AOML)

Estimates of ocean surface currents are available from the NOAA Ocean Surface Current Analysis - Realtime site. For quick viewing, go to the “Global Dataset for Display...” and select the Non-Java version of ‘Latitude – longitude” map.

If you want access to the raw data numbers behind these products, they can be obtained from the Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory