Environmental Assessment

Three processes of environmental planning and monitoring can be identified – the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA), and Integrated Environmental Assessment (IEA).

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
The EIA process assesses the impact of a localised development activity, for example: construction of a dam, wharf, hotel, marina or a mining or logging operation. The increasing scope and complexity of impacts of economic activities have raised the need for more strategic and higher level integrated assessment and planning systems.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
The SEA assesses the impact of a sectoral or thematic policy on the environment. Examples of sectoral policies are national water or energy policies; and of thematic policies is national climate change policy.

Integrated Environmental Assessment (IEA) Processes
The IEA assesses and integrates national environmental priorities into national sustainable development planning process.

What we do
In addition to strengthening EIA processes, SPREP assists its Members with developing capacities in IEA and SEA that can proactively address the cumulative or collective environmental effects of development activities at their national and sector policy and programme planning stages.

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