Aichi Targets in the Pacific islands with Samoa

7 December 2016, CBD COP13, Cancun Mexico - There are 20 Aichi Targets in all, endorsed at the tenth Conference of the Parties to the CBD in Nagoya, Japan in 2010. They help to meet five different strategic goals which aim to reduce the loss of biodiversity by the year 2020. Each day during the CBD COP13 we'll be sharing one of the Targets with you and examples of how the Pacific islands are meeting these. – #PacificProtectedAreas
Strategic Goal A: Address the underlying causes of biodiversity loss by mainstreaming biodiversity across government and society.
Target 4: By 2020, at the latest, Governments, business and stakeholders at all levels have taken steps to achieve or have implemented plans for sustainable production and consumption and have kept the impacts of use of natural resources well within safe ecological limits.

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"For this we can look at some of the work undertaken in our forestry sector. Samoa's forest resources are a major concern as a result of various threats from logging, agricultural activity, the spread of invasive species and natural hazards such as cyclones and forest fires. Our recent national forest inventory has shown a declining trend in our forest cover from around 75% in the 1950's to less than 60% today.

The sustainable management of our forest resources has been mainstreamed into our key national plans and mandated under the Forest Management Act 2011. Our approach has been implemented in a coherent planning manner that is multi and cross-sectoral.

Samoa is also constantly implementing its Two MillionTree Planting Campaign 2015-2020 and the Pacific Islands Regional Policy Framework for REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation)." – Ms Fuatino Matatumua Leota, Assistance Chief Executive Officer, Division of Environment and Conservation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Samoa.
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