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Guidebook on Environmental Law in the Marshall Islands now available

“The Guidebook on Environmental Law: Republic of the Marshall Islands” was produced in order to increase public awareness of laws in RMI which deal with these problems. 

The themes covered by the Guidebook are: waste, sanitation, fresh water, land and coastal development, marine pollution, fishing and species protection.

L – R Mr. David Sheppard Director General of SPREP and Mr. Reginald White Director of the RMI Weather Service and Chairman of the RMI Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Board.

The Guidebook is written in English and was translated into Marshallese to make the language and information accessible to as great an audience as possible including school children.

The Guidebook will provide an increased awareness of the duties and responsibilities of both Government and its citizens, who will gain an understanding of why the laws are in place and how these help in managing natural resources and the environment.

Education and persuasion are better tools than compulsion and punishment.

The Guidebook was written by the Environmental Defenders Office (Sydney) in collaboration with the Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination (OEPPC) with support from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

This is the second Guidebook to be prepared for a SPREP member, the first one having been completed for Samoa.

Funding for this publication was generously provided by the Government of Canada.
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