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SPREP to build capacity to access environment funding

In the coming months, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) will host a team of four experts from the Nataij consultancy firm based in the United States of America, to undertake a series of capacity building activities that will strengthen the overall capacity of the Secretariat to deliver projects across the region.

The team will be in Samoa from the 15 February to 5 March and will meet with senior management of SPREP and UNDP to discuss their mission goals. This the first of three missions to take place throughout the year as part of the Medium Sized Project (MSP).

EMG1Members of the Environmental Monitoring and Governance Division of SPREP during a planning session

The first mission is to evaluate the existing capacity that exists in SPREP and to make recommendations on what is need to be done in order to strengthen SPREP to meet GEF (Global Environment Facility) accredited standards.

The second mission to be held mid-year will see many policies and procedures revised including trainings for staff to familiarise and learn about the new policies and tools introduced by Nataij Consultancy.

The final mission will ensure that all trainings and remaining activities are completed in time for the SPREP annual meeting.

"This work to build the capacity under the Medium Sized Project (MSP) is very relevant for SPREP as it will help us serve and support our member countries to develop environmental projects for the Global Environment Facility, the Green Climate Fund and the Adaptation Fund," said Mr Clark Peteru, Acting Director of the Environmental Monitoring and Governance Division of SPREP.

"By the end of the MSP Project, SPREP will be a stronger organisation to develop science-based and sound proposals to multilateral funding instruments and bi-lateral donors to assist our Pacific region in protecting its environment and natural resources."

The MSP will also reinforce the existing confidence that donors and development partners alike, place on SPREP which is vital for securing strategic partnership and broader coalitions within and outside the region to help sustainable development in pacific island countries.

The MSP consultants will be in Samoa for approximately two weeks for the first of their three phased mission visits.

The Medium Sized Project will help SPREP obtain accreditation as a Project Agency of the GEF, this will in turn see SPREP better placed to support Pacific countries in accessing GEF resources on environmental programmes.   The United Nations Development Programe (UNDP) is the implementing agency for this one million USD project funded by GEF, executed by SPREP.

For more information on the Medium Sized Project and the coming visit of consultants please contact Mr Meapelo Maiai the GEF Support Adviser at SPREP - meapelom@sprep.org
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