Gender and the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) programme: Assessment and Action Plan (PTR3)

Pages from PACCTechRep3 FINAL 120614 webThis report summarises two key documents produced by PACC as part of the drive to address gender. The first, a Gender Assessment of the programme, was carried out in 2012 to assess the level and degree that the programme addressed gender. The Gender Action Plan, which covers 2013–2014, was developed soon afterwards to address the recommendations arising from the Assessment. Activities in the Plan are currently underway, and will be reported in further PACC publications.
PACC Technical Report 3
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Pacific Integrated Island Management : principles, case studies and lessons learned

Pages from Pacific IIM guidelines WEBThis document is supported by an illustrated synthesis and electronic materials for use in communicating and promoting use of Integrated Island Management approaches.  These products are designed to raise awareness of Integrated Island Management and promote more effective and widespread uptake of good practice principles.

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Multilateral environmental agreement (MEA) negotiator's handbook : Pacific region

Pages from MEA Negotiations Handbook 2012 Final Web SmallThe MEA Handbook provides advise on handling the complexities of international environmental governance.  This handbook is a supplement to the "Taking the Floor" booklet, which has proven valuable for Pacific island negotiators at conferences on environment agreements.

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PACC Experiences 2

Pages from Experiences-2-FINAL-260314-webUsing cost-benefit analysis to inform climate change adaptation projects. The PACC Experiences series covers topic where PACC is building experience and knowledge.

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PACC Experiences 1

PACC Experience CVMainstreaming climate change into development in the Pacific. The PACC Experiences series covers topic where PACC is building experience and knowledge.

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Celebrating Women in the Pacific with SPREP

Pages from IWD 20141Celebrating Women in the Pacific with SPREP.  International Women's Day - Inspiring Change for a better Pacific Environment

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Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in the Pacific : a practical guide

 Pages from PACC Mainstreaming 2014 Final Web-2This guide aims to provide an insight in to various questions about mainstreaming as well as provide a practical step-by-step framework on how to mainstream climate change into PICTs development plannimg and decision-making process.  The approach recommended in this guide combines standard policy cycles that are commonly used in the Pacific and elsewhere round the world with analytical inputs from the climate risk management (CRM) framework.

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Informing climate-resilient development: the application of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) in PACC programme - experiences and lessons learned in the application of CBA to PACC demonstation projects (PTR2)

Pages from PACCTechRep2This report has been developed to summarise and communicate the key outputs and learnings of the cost-benefit analysis (CBA) work programme as part of the Global Environment Facility's Special Climate Change Fund (GEF-SCCF) and AusAID-funded Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) programme.

PACC Technical Report 2
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Informing climate-resilient development: the application of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) in PACC programme - experiences and lessons learned on capacity building (PTR1)

Pages from CBA Tech 1 Final WEB REF-2This report sets out the evaluation findings of the capacity-building components of the PACC CBA work programme.  A separate report, PACC Technical Report no. 2, sythesises the CBA reports completed under the work programme, and assesses the effectiveness of these CBAs for improving selection and design of the PACC pilot projects

PACC Technical Report 1
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Adapting to Climate Change in the Pacific: the PACC Programme

Pages from PACC Programme Final WEB REFThe Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) programme began in 2009 a s a regional response to the climate change threat.It is currently the largest climate change adaptation initiative in the region, with activities in 14 Pacific island countries and territories...

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Report of the Second Meeting of the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-2)

Pages from FINAL PMC-2 Meeting Report copyThis is the final report of the 2nd Meeting of the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-2) held in Nadi, Fiji Islands, 01-05 July 2013.

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JNAP Development and implementation in the Pacific, experiences, lessons and way forward

JNAP The purpose of this report is to review the JNAP development and implementation process, and access lessons learnt for future JNAPs in the region.

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Dechets du Pacifique Manuel educatif : un guide a l'intention des educateurs et des communautes

Pages from Pacific Waste Education Handbook final Tn  freCe manuel a été créé pour les éducateurs et les animateurs communautaires pour réduire les déchets dans le Pacifique. Il fournit des matériaux innovants pour enseigner et apprendre comment nous pouvons tous contribuent à maintenir nos îles propre des déchets.

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PROE Rapport Annuel 2012

Pages from AnnRep2012 FRE FinalwebLe rapport annuel 2012 donne un aperçu des activités du Secrétariat à l'appui de nos membres et met en évidence les événements clés tels que la Campagne Clean Pacifique pour 2012.

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SPREP Annual Report 2012

Pages from AnnRep2013The 2012 Annual Report provides an overview of the Secretariat's activities in support of our Members and highlights key events such as the Clean Pacific Campaign for 2012.

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2013 Pacific Climate Change Roundtable, Nadi Fiji, 3-5 July : report of proceedings

Pages from PCCR 2013 MR2013 Pacific Climate Change Roundtable, Nadi Fiji, 3-5 July, 2013 : report of proceedings, "Building Resilience to Climate Change through Collaboration"

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Review of Regional E-Waste Recycling including a Model Product Stewardship Approach for Pacific Island Nations

Pages from Final Report on Regional Ewaste Recycling SAICM RevisedThis SAICM funded study considers the management of Ewaste in the Cook Islands, Kiribati, Samoa and Tonga. It determines the sources of Ewaste, the technical issues surrounding the collection, handling and recycling of waste electronic and electrical equipment, and presents a model system for addressing the problem of Ewaste in the Pacific Islands.

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Pacific NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) guidelines

Pages from Pacific NAMA Final WEBWhat are NAMAs? In practice a NAMA is a new method for developing countries to voluntarily communicate to the international community plans that they have to undertake mitigation actions, including what support they need to undertake these plans in terms of capacity building, finance and technology. The UNFCCC is preparing an online NAMA registry which will allow the international community in general, and potential support partners in particular, to view this information, and hence facilitate matching support with these needs.

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Ecosystem-based adaptation and climate change vulnerability for Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands : synthesis report

Pages from Choiseul - Solomon Islands - Ecosystem-based adaptation  climate change vulnerabilityThis report builds on a climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessment for Choiseul Province in the Solomon Islands through an Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) and Ridge to Reef approach.

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Aia Botumwaka ma aia Kakamwakuri Ataei

CC story Kiribati A Climate Change Story" storybook is an ideal resource to accompany the new syllabus and teacher guides currently being developed for Kiribati primary schools. The new syllabus integrates key elements of climate change using education for sustainable development principles to work towards the nation's vision to "nurture our children and young people to become wise and worthwhile citizens able to adapt to, and participate in, their changing world". 

PACPLAN : Pacific islands regional marine spill contingency plan, 2013

Pages from PACPLAN2013 lrThe 2013 Pacific Islands Regional Marine Spill Contingency Plan (PACPLAN) provides the framework for cooperative responses to major marine spills in the Pacific islands region. PACPLAN was originally developed in 2000, and underwent extensive review and modernisation in 2012.This was carried out through a series of discussion and consultation workshops between host countries (Australia, France, New Zealand and the United States) and their respective Pacific island countries and territories.

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Rapid biodiversity assessment of upland Savai'i, Samoa (BIORAP)

RAP Upland Savaii cv
This assessment was undertaken as part of the process to facilitate improved management of the forests and biodiversity of Upland Savai'i ...

DVD (Request from SPREP Library)
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Report on adaptation challenges in Pacific island countries

Pages from Report AdaptationChallenges PacificIslandCountries 2013
This report is a case study which outlines current activities being undertaken in the region on adaptation. It includes basic outlines of national priorities, activities implemented ...

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Status of birds, peka (flying foxes) and reptiles on Niue island

birds Niue
This 2012 report compares the results of this survey with those from previous surveys in 2004 to determine population trends, particularly for peka and lupe on Niue island ...

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An economic analysis of ecosystem-based adaptation and engineering options for climate change adaptation in Lami town, Republic of the Fiji Islands : technical report

Lami technical
This technical report provides greater detail of the cost-benefit assessment of four adaptation scenarios to reduce Lami Town's vulnerability to flooding and erosion, both of which are projected to increase due to climate change...

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Programme régional océanien sur les espèces marines 2013 – 2017

Pages from Marine Species Programme 2013-2017 FREUn stratégie régionale en vue de la conservation et de la gestion concertées des dugongs, des tortues marines, des baleines et des dauphins...

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Choiseul Province Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment report : Solomon Islands

ChoiseulThis report discusses the impacts of climate change and non-climate change factors on natural resources and development in the province of Choiseul, Solomons ...

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Birds of Kiribati: a pocket guide

Birds Kiribati CVA pocket guide to the birds of Kiribati ...

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PIGGAREP: recommended proactive strategic barrier removal approach

PIGGAREP Strategic CVThe Pacific Islands Greenhouse Gas Abatement through Renewable Energy Project (PIGGAREP) strategic review takes a snapshot look at the work of the international CTA ...

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Pacific Environment and Climate Change Outlook Report

PECCOThe report presents concrete evidence that food, freshwater and the livelihoods of the Pacific islanders are under threat due to climate  change, and concludes that the Pacific is at the frontline in humanity's efforts to combat and adapt to climate change. As the President of Kiribati, H.E. Anote Tong notes, ―The problem is much more immediate than we perceived...

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