Chollei Hamlet watershed solid waste site, Ngarchelong, Palau: ecological baseline assessment and suggested priority actions

000564_IWP_PTRseriesIWP-Pacific Technical Report (International Waters Project), no. 27 
ISBN: 978-982-04-0347-5
ISSN: 1818-5614

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The governance of coastal resources in Fiji : an analysis of the strategic issues

000523_IWP_PTRseriesThis report examines environmental governance in Fiji and identifies the strategic issues for improving the governance of coastal environments. The analysis provided here is based on: (i) fieldwork, involving extensive interviews ...

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Reef and mangrove survey reports, Barakau village, Central Province, Papua New Guinea

000523_IWP_PTRseriesThe primary objective of the coastal component is to "address root causes of the degradation of international waters in coastal regions through a programme focused on improved integrated coastal and watershed management". ...

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Coastal governance in Solomon Islands: an evaluation of the strategic governance issues relating to coastal management

000564_IWP_PTRseriesThe report presents an evaluation framework for ICM governance arrangements and considers governance arrangements in Solomon Islands in the light of this framework. The evaluation demonstrates that current governance ...

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Community engagement and participation in the Eastern Marovo Lagoon, Western Province, Solomon Islands

000528_IWP_PTRseriesThe IWP in Solomon Islands is a collaborative effort between traditional resource owners, and Solomon Islands' Ministry of Natural Resources through the Departments of Forestry, Environment and Conservation and Fisheries and Marine Resources. ...

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An economic valuation of watershed pollution in Rarotonga, the Cook Islands

000517_IWP_PTR18The watersheds of the Cook Islands provide residents and visitors with a wide range of environmental services such as the supply of drinking water, natural filtration of freshwater runoff, recreational opportunities and scenery.

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The impact of the Greenbag on waste generation in South Tarawa, Kiribati

000518_IWP_PTR22A major part of this work has included the trial of a biodegradable Greenbag scheme in which householders were encouraged to separate waste and send non-compostable and non-recyclable wastes to the Nanikai landfill.

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Economic cost scenarios for solid waste-related pollution in Palau

Effective solid waste management 000519_IWP_PTR28is crucial to ensuring the ongoing quality of Palau’s natural environment. This report estimates the economic cost of solid waste-related pollution to Palau.

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Economic costs of waste in Tonga

000521_IWP_PTR33These gross cost estimates do not consider other costs, such as the economic cost of suffering, some ecological costs, or costs that may be expected in the delivery of management to improve the waste situation in Tonga.

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Economics of liquid waste management in Funafuti, Tuvalu

000528_IWP_PTRseriesThe report summarises the economic net benefit associated with each of the alternative options together with some practical feasibility factors associated with them. The report concludes by making key recommendations for consideration by the government and development partners.

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PACC Report of in-country consultations: Kosrae State

PACC_fsm_in-country_consultationsIn the Pacific region where the Federated States of Micronesia (6 degrees, 55' N, 158 15' W) is situated, the climates are influenced by a number of factors such as trade wind regimes, the paired Hadley cells and Walker circulation, ...

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Shipping-related Introduced Marine Pests in the Pacific Islands: a regional strategy

SRIMP-PAC_sept_2006The importance of coastal and marine environments to every aspect of the lives of Pacific Islanders cannot be overstated. Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) maintainresource rights and management responsibilities over 30 million square ...

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Rubbish is a Resource!

000496_WasteKitCoverThis book is designed to be used in conjunction with a DVD that contains all the additional information that these pages refer to. This Kit is like a website on waste, but you only need to go online to get additional resources.

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Island Life - Celebrating Pacific Island biodiversity: Case studies of island life

000497_IslandLifeBooklet first prepared for the 8th Conference of the Parties on the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) in Curitiba, Brazil, 20-31 March 2006. Printed work first distributed at the SPREP Environment Ministers’ Meeting, Noumea, New Caledonia, 15 September 2006.

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Climate Risk Profile for Samoa 2006

climate risk samoa 2006This climate risk profile (CRP) is based on observed data for Apia (Latitude 13 50 S; Longitude 172 00 E). The cooperation and assistance of the staff of the Meteorology Division, Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Meteorology ...

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Solid Waste Characterisation: Solomon Islands

solid_waste_xterization_solomon_islandsThe aim of the report is to present the results of the waste characterisation work carried out while in the Solomon Islands and to describe the current waste management practices in Honiara.

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Integration of environmental, social and economic sustainability for Vanuatu - sustainable development : an information package for Vanuatu

integration_env_soc_eco_vanuatuThis Information Package represents the close consultation, cooperation and collaboration with government departments, Non-Government Organisation (NGOs), the private sector, communities and individuals.

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Report of the 3rd Regional Thematic Meeting For the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol in Pacific Island Countries, 24-27 January 2006, Suva, FIJI

report_3rd_regional_thematic_meetingThe 3rd Thematic Meeting for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol was held from 24-27 January 2006 at the New Southern Cross Hotel, Suva, Fiji. The workshop was attended by representatives from the Governments of...

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Proceedings of the Inception Meeting for PACC in 2006

PACC_inception_meeting_june2006The PACC Inception workshop was held at the Raffles Gateway Hotel in Nadi, Fiji on the 19-21st of June 2006. The Inception meeting discussed and agreed on several issues that included; timeline and processes required for the development...

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Social and economic baseline survey: Jenrok Village, Majuro [Republic of Marshall Islands]

SEBS_jenrok_villageThis survey involved a series of consultations from various service providers, namely the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Environment Protection Authority, Youth to Youth in Health (NGO), and Women United Together in the Marshall Islands (NGO).

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Preliminary socio-economic baseline survey and waste stream analysis for Bikenibeu West, South Tarawa, Kiribati

prelim_baseline_survey_waste_kiribatiThis Report describes and analyses the socio-economic situation and the main elements of the waste stream in the Bikenibeu West community on South Tarawa atoll in the Republic of Kiribati.

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Strategies for preventing and mitigating land-based sources of pollution to trans-boundary water resources in the Pacific region

strategies_preventing_mitigating_pollution_water_resourcesThis paper presents a number of strategies for the prevention and mitigation of land-based sources of pollution to trans-boundary fresh and marine water resources in the Pacific Region.

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Review of fisheries management issues and regimes in the Pacific Islands Region

000465_iwp_ptr17The definition of fisheries used in the present report is the same as that used in most pieces of fishery legislation in the region. Fisheries involve the harvesting or other extractive use of naturally-occurring living marine resources  ...

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CV&A : A guide to Community Vulnerability and Adaptation assessment and action

000437_Pages_from_CVAGuideEThe guide is a tool to understanding Pacic communities’ vulnerability to climate change, variability and sea level change; and to determining what action needs to  be carried out in order to adapt to these changes.

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Solid Waste Action Plan

000435_Pages_from_SolidWasteActionPlanEWThis Action Plan has been formulated by senior government offi cials from Member countries. It will guide and prioritise the implementation of the Regional Solid Waste Management Strategy.

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Plan d’Action pour la mise en oeuvre de la Stratégie régionale de gestion des déchets solides

000436_Pages_from_SolidWasteActionPlanFWLe présent Plan d'action a été formulé par des hauts fonctionnaires des pays membres. Il orientera la mise en œuvre de la Stratégie régionale de gestion des déchets solides et en fi xera les priorités.

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Solid Waste Management Strategy for the Pacific Region

000433_Pages_from_SolidWasteStrategyEWAdopted on 15 September 2005 by: American Samoa, Australia, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, France, French Polynesia, Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, ...

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Strategie de gestion des dechets solides pour la region Pacifique

000434_SolidWasteStrategyFW_01_0001Adoptee le 15 septembre 2005 par les pays et territoires suivants : Australie, Etats federes de Micronesie, Etats Unis d'Amerique, Fidji, France, Guam, Iles Cook, Iles Mariannes du Nord, Iles Marshall, Iles Salomon, Kiribati, Nauru, Nioue, Nouvelle-Caledonie...

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technical_meeting_cetaceans_pacific_region_aug_2006The approach to the review of the MSPF was to ensure that SPREP Members had updated technical information to inform their deliberation and development of a revised MSPF and Action Plans. ...

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Regional Workshop on Community-Level Adaptation to Climate Change (2005 : Suva, Fiji)

000431_Pages_from_CBDAMPIC_Cover21This project is an important global development, as the Pacific now has some of the first countries to actually implement adaptation pilots at the community level.

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