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Coastal zone management

Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)

FSM lies close to the Equator, and comprises four island groups (states) – Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. Kosrae, a single island with population 6,616 (2010 census), was selected to host the PACC project. More than 75% of Kosrae’s population and infrastructure are situated close to the coast, and are highly vulnerable to rising sea levels, storm surges and high tides, as well as extreme weather. Developing resilient coastal infrastructure was therefore selected as the priority sector for the PACC project.

Demonstration project: Climate proofing Kosrae’s coast road

FSM-smallThe demonstration project in FSM has focused on improving a section of Kosrae’s coastal road, which is the main transport route on the island. The project focused on a 7 km section of the road in the Tafunsak municipality, between the villages of Lacs and Lacl, which was being progressively damaged by flooding from heavy rains and high tides. Following a socio-economic assessment, community consultations, analysis of climate and sea level projections, and input from expert coastal engineers, the road was redesigned to withstand the heavier rainfall and higher sea levels that are anticipated in the coming decades. 
   A new culvert, part of the road improvement measures

The improved road, which has been raised in parts and has larger culverts and better drainage, was officially opened on 29 May 2014. The PACC team is now developing guidelines to share their experiences with climate proofing the road, which will help others to replicate this success.

In a related activity, a tide gauge and rainfall gauges were installed on Kosrae in 2011. These are providing sea level and weather data so that climate variability and change can be incorporated into decision making and planning for the future.

The project has also been very successful in its efforts to promote mainstreaming. The project team supported development of the Kosrae State Climate Change Act, which was endorsed in 2011; and amendments to Kosrae’s Regulations for Development, which now require all development projects to consider the potential impacts of climate change. The project team also contributed to the recently revised Kosrae Shoreline Management Plan, which provides a comprehensive strategy for building resilience of Kosrae’s coastal communities and infrastructure into the future. As with the demonstration project, these activities serve as a model for the rest of FSM, and efforts to replicate in the other states are under way.

Raising awareness
In parallel, the project has been raising awareness of climate change impacts and the need to build resilience, and particularly targeting students, women, men and other groups. The project also raises awareness and shares information through its blog, at

Kosrae Island Resource Management Authority (KIRMA)
PACC FSM blog:


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Key Documents

Presentation at 5th Annual Review Meeting (July 2014) pdf-icon (1.8 MB)
PACC Experiences No. 5: Reducing vulnerability of island coasts pdf-icon (2 MB)
Kosrae Shoreline Management Plan pdf-icon (7 MB)
Presentation at 4th Annual Review Meeting (August 2013) pdf-icon (2.6 MB)
PACC Country Brief: Federated States of Micronesia pdf-icon (471 KB)
Report on in-country consultations (7 November 2006)  pdf-icon (97 KB)
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