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Water resources management

Niue is a single island of area approximately 260 km2, with population of about 1,600. The island has no surface water, and people have been relying mainly on water pumped from the underground lens for their freshwater. However, depending on this single source is contributing to vulnerability to climate change. The underwater lens is vulnerable to drought, and could become rapidly depleted without replenishment from rainfall. It is also at risk of contamination after heavy rain or a cyclone. An additional factor is that pumping groundwater depends on imported fuel, which makes it expensive and at risk if the power supply is cut for any reason.

An alternative water source
The PACC project in Niue, in collaboration with the Global Climate Change Alliance: Pacific Small Island States (GCCA: PSIS) project, has focused on increasing rainwater harvesting and storage capacity of households, to provide them with an alternative water source.
Under the demonstration project, a water tank moulding facility has been built allowing Niue to mould its own water tanks for the first time instead of having to import them. The facility was officially opened in December 2013. The project is aiming to provide a 5,000 litre tank to each household on the island, as well as training on maintenance of the rainwater harvesting systems.
In parallel, the project has been raising awareness on water conservation and water protection, related to climate change. Diverse materials have been produced targeting different audiences, village workshops have been held, TV ads and a music video produced, sports events sponsored, and church services held that focused on the theme of water and climate change, among other activities.

Raising Awareness

Mainstreaming achievements
The project has completed a Climate Change Policy, which has been approved by Cabinet. The team is also involved with a policy consultation on gender, and is contributing to the country’s Joint National Action Plan (JNAP) on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. The team is working to link the Climate Change Policy and JNAP with the National Integrated Strategic Plan (NISP) 2014–2017 which is the main planning document for the island.

Locally made water tanks to boost water security in Niue (19 December 2013)  

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PACC Technical Report No. 14 - PACC Demonstration Guide: Improving domestic
rainwater harvesting systems in Niue
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Presentation at 5th Annual Review Meeting (July 2014) pdf-icon (2.8 MB)
PACC Experiences No. 4: Building resilient fresh water systems pdf-icon (2 MB
Presentation at 4th Annual Review Meeting (August 2013)  pdf-icon (2.5 MB)
PACC Country Brief: Niue (July 2012)  pdf-icon (740 KB)
Report on in-country consultations (29 June 2009)  pdf-icon (145 KB)
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