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PACC Experiences

The PACC Experiences series was launched in March 2014, to share experiences, lessons learned and knowledge gained from the PACC programme with national and regional decision makers, climate change practitioners, and concerned communities and individuals. The series covers key topics, and draws on experiences within PACC to describe the practical realities, lessons learned, and implications for both policy and practice. 
PACC Experiences No. 1: Mainstreaming climate change into development in the Pacific  pdf-icon (2.1MB)
PACC Experiences No. 2: Using cost – benefit analysis to inform climate change projects  pdf-icon (2MB)
PACC Experiences No. 3: Gender and climate change  pdf-icon (2MB)
PACC Experiences No. 4: Building resilient freshwater systems  pdf-icon (2MB)
PACC Experiences No. 5: Reducing vulnerability of island coasts  pdf-icon (2MB)
PACC Experiences No. 6: Improving Resilience of Food Systems  pdf-icon (3MB)

See also the PACC Experiences webspace
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