Pacific Media and Climate Change Toolkit 2014

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  • Climate change adaptation
  • Meteorology and climate change
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Pacific media and climate change toolkit : activities manual

Pages from Activities Manual Final WebThis manual includes activities to improve journalists' climate change reporting and interview techniques. The material will support journalists' ability to effectively communicate stories linking climate change to broader environmental issues in the Pacific.

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Climate change and ecosystem based adaptation (FS5)

Pages from Factsheet 5-hiBy the end of the century, climate change and its impacts may be the dominant direct driver of biodiversity loss and changes in ecosystem services globally.

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Climate change mitigation (FS2)

Pages from 2-CC and mitigationReducing greenhouse gases *GHG's) through mitigation actions will lessen the impact of climate change on the Pacific Isalnds and other Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

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Climate change and waste (FS3)

Pages from 2-CC and wasteMunicipal solid waste including everyday waste from households, schools and shops, contains biodegradable organic matter such as kitchen waste, garden waste, and paper

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What causes climate change? (FS1)

Pages from 1-What causes CCEnergy from the sun drives the Earth's weather and climate, by heating the Earth's surface.  To balance this, the Earth radiates energy back into space.

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