* To support PSIDS to have a strong presence and voice to drive ambitious climate action at the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27)
* To engage a global audience with the Pacific's experiences, worldview and knowledge in the face of the impacts of climate change at COP27 and other climate-related events

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GFA - Moana Blue Pacific at COP27

* PSIDS have impactful presence and visibility at COP27;
* PSIDS negotiators’ efficacy is supported through access to a dedicated working space, the Pacific Delegation Office, and technical exchange with New Zealand counterparts;
* The Moana Blue Pacific Pavilion (the Pavilion) provides a platform for discussion, debate and knowledge-transfer on issues important to the Pacific and advocacy for ambitious climate action;
* Using a range of communication mediums, and drawing on Pacific culture and values, the opportunities and challenges of climate change for the Pacific and highlight the vital importance of the 1.5 degree threshold are showcased;
* A global audience is engaged through Pacific artwork and storytelling, promoting solidarity with the Pacific’s experience of climate change, stimulating new conversations, and increasing commitments to action;
* Pacific delegates feel represented and recognised for their climate leadership internationally.

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