MISCCAP is a PRISMSS - New Zealand collaboration project developed to assist in establishing PRISMSS systems and infrastructure, upscaling on the ground support, and strengthening and mainstreaming invasive species management across the Pacific.

Project detail
Short Name
  1. Providing specialist support, technical assistance, advice and training on invasive species management to PICTs. 
  2. Supporting the implementation of priority invasive species management actions and regional work programmes, especially Predator Free Pacific (PFP) and Resilient Ecosystems-Resilient Communities (RERC). 
  3. Providing direct operational support for priority in-country projects based on existing Standard Operating Procedures and protocols.
  4. Assisting with awareness raising, and research activities.
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NZD $2,480,000

(SPREP Allocation only)

Contributing Partners
NZ MFAT SPREP mwlr doc


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