In response to the threat that climate change poses to Pacific Island Countries, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has been supporting the implementation of a regional approach to climate change information and knowledge management (IKM) throughout the Pacific. This approach is based on the ongoing need for access to good quality data, information and knowledge when undertaking national and regional level adaptation and resilience planning. 

Importance of IKM
IKM is critical to good adaptation and resilience planning. While the importance of climate data and information is well documented, there is a need for better systems support to ensure accessibility and usability of that data. Collaborative and coordinated approaches to IKM across the Pacific region will ensure improved decision making in relation to adaptation, risk reduction and resilience planning. Evidence based decision making supported by strong IKM practices will enhance regional capacity to effectively respond to climate change, leading to better outcomes for Pacific countries and their communities. 

Good IKM Practice The effective management of climate change data and information requires that the following principles be upheld: 

  1. Secure and sustainable storage: Providing stakeholders with the capability to store data and information on stable infrastructure that will be available over the long-term. 
  2. Connectivity: Improving the capability of stakeholders to discover data and information through greater connectivity among information portals. 
  3. Discoverability: Ensuring that connected data and information is clearly described with standard metadata, making it more widely discoverable to stakeholders. 
  4. Reusability: Ensuring that data and data produced from tools are in a format and system that makes it both reusable and re-discoverable. (Source: iCLIM 2 Brochure)
Project detail
Short Name
    1. Increase participation in the Pacific regional climate change IKM system.
    2. Establish and implement a regional guideline for addressing FRDP’s IKM priority actions.
    3. Improve national level policy, procedures and capacity in climate change IKM.
    4. Documentation of how IKM can enhance adaptation planning and decision making in the Pacific.
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    USD $1,044,000.00

    Contributing Partners

    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    Implementing Agency

    Griffith University

    Executing Agency

    Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

    Other Partners

    Climate Change Policy and Disaster Coordination Unit

    Fiji Climate Change Division| Office of Environment and Emergency Management

    PNG Climate Change & Development Authority

    Samoa MNRE

    Tonga MEIDECC

    Vanuatu NAB