Sea Turtles of Fiji

sea_turtles_of_fijiThe information in this report was obtained during research carried for a Master of Science degree at the University of the South Pacific in 1979-1980. While the project was never completed, it is evident that a great deal of  ...

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A review of the environmental situation of the Vaipua, Pangaimotu and ’Utungake Causeways in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga

review_ES_vaipua_pangaimotu_utungakeAt the time of the review all three causeways had been completed. Therefore, the study took the form of a post-construction audit of the preset environmental situation rather than an environmental impact assessment.

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Cook Islands: Review of Environmental Law

RETA_review_env_law_1992This Review of Environmental Law in the Cook Islands has been implemented as an important component of the Regional Environment Technical Assistance (RETA) Project. 

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Kiribati: Environmental Legislation Review

ELR_KiribatiThis Environmental Legislation Review for Kiribati has been produced as an important component of the National Environmental Management Strategies NEMS) Project. ...

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Tokelau: Environmental Legislation Review.

ELR_TokelauThis Environmental Legislation Review in Tokelau has been produced as an important component ol the National Environmental Management Strategies (NEMS) Project. ...

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Coastal Resources and Systems of the Pacific Basin: Investigation and Steps towards Protective Management. UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 147. UNEP 1992

coastal resources systems pacific basinAssessments of the general condition, stocking, composition and growth of mangroves on the island of Pohnpei and Yap at one area of Kosrae were undertaken at the request of these states. Methods used included : reconnaisssance on foot...

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Western Samoa: Land-based pollution sources and their effects on the marine environment

land-based_pollution_sources_effects_marine_envThis report documents the results of a survey on the land-based pollution sources and their effects on the marine environment of Western Samoa. This survey was carried out from June to October 1992 in order to locate the major waste sources...

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Kingdom of Tonga: Review of Environmental Law

review_env_law_tongaThis Legal Review is an important step along the road to improved environmental management in the Pacific region. It is important to build on this base in order to ensure that environmental law reflects the unique needs ...

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Regional Co-operation on Environmental Protection of the Marine and Coastal Areas of the Pacific Basin. UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies. No. 134. UNEP 1991.

reg_co-op_env_protectio_marine_coastal_areasThe present volume contains technical and scientific papers presented to the symposium, together with a record of the discussions and recommendations resulting from  closing session during the representatives of agencies ...

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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) - A Regional Programme for the South Pacific. January 1989 - Proposal

proposal_EIAThe proposal is to develop a regional EIA, roster or pool of specialists already working in the region who could be available to provide advice individually or who could make up ad hoc teams when necessary to conduct an EIA of a large development project.

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Co-operation for environmental protection in the Pacific

co-op_EPITP_1988The Regional Seas Programme was initiated by the Unoted Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1974 in response to the selection of the oceans as a priorityarea by the UNEP Governing Council...

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Coral reefs in the South Pacific: handbook

000813_Coralreefshandbook1Guide written in simple English to be used in the classroom. The purpose of this handbook is to provide an introduction to corals and coral reefs and to help students identify common coral reef life.

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