In order to implement the Convention the Parties are required to:
  • Create Competent authorities or National Focal Points
  • Put in force adequate National Legislation
  • Comply with the procedural provisions 
Competent authorities and Focal Points
More information can be found: here

National Legislation
The parties are committed under the Convention to adopt all the adequate legal and administrative measures to ban or control the movement of hazardous wastes within their boundaries. As the Secretariat of the Convention, SPREP has given support the Parties to put in force the adequate national legislation in order to enforce the measures of the Convention at a domestic level.  

In this context many resources have been developed:
Procedural Provisions:

An explanation of the Convention procedural provision can be found: here.
Key documents for the implementation of the convention are: 
Notification form
Movement form
Form for Confirmed Cases of Illegal Traffic 


As the regional environmental organization for the Pacific and as the Secretariat of the Convention, SPREP is working in order to develop programmes: i) for reducing the production of hazardous wastes and foster their disposal in an environmental sound manner; ii) to manage and simplify the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes which cannot be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner in the countries which are located. 

For more information about these activities and programmes: here.