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The Convention for the
Protection of the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific Region (1986), 
known also as SPREP Convention or Noumea Convention,
along with its two Protocols entered into force in 1990.

It is the major multilateral umbrella agreement in the Pacific Region fo the Protection of Natural Resources and the Environment. 

Art.2 and Art.21 of the Convention entrust the role of Secretariat of the Convention to SPREP. 
As such SPREP is responsible for carrying out several functions, as:
prepare and convene the meetings of the Parties 
(held every two years in conjunction with the Sprep meetings and the Waigani Convention COP);
co-ordinate the implementation of co-operative activities agreed upon by Parties; 
transmit information about the Convention to the Parties and other entities.

Information about the Convention can be found above.

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