Pacific BioScapes Programme

Pacific Island countries have identified many critical issues and national priorities to protect biodiversity, communities and ecosystems in our region. In response, the Pacific Biodiversity and Sustainable Land‐Seascapes (Pacific BioScapes) Programme has the overall aim of better managing our coastal and marine resources and adapting to climate change through ecosystem-based responses.

Regional initiatives undertaken will include assessing and mapping regional marine protection priorities; supporting implementation of the Pacific Islands Framework for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas; producing and distributing environmentally sustainable marine tourism guidelines; Local Early Action Planning (LEAP) and ecosystem assessments across Micronesia and strengthening the engagement of youth in Pacific conservation agendas. Some key national initiatives under the Programme will include:

Cook Islands

Cook Islands: Strengthening marine spatial planning. Implementing a network of long‐term turtle nesting beach surveys.

PNG Papua New Guinea: Raising public awareness on the need for sea turtle protection.
FSM Federated States of Micronesia: Supporting implementation of the Protected Areas Network Policy Framework. Samoa

Samoa: Managing and planning marine sanctuaries. Coastal management and restoration at specific sites.

Fiji Fiji: Supporting sustainable kava cultivation from an ecosystem perspective on Gau island. Implementing ridge to reef ecosystem management in Ra Province. Solomon Islands


Solomon Islands: Implementing an integrated conservation and development plan for the Solomon Islands Central Province seascape.


Kiribati: Supporting marine spatial planning. Protecting seabird habitat through invasive species eradication on Kiritimati island.  Tonga


Tonga: Supporting local community monitoring of coastal ecosystems following invasive species eradication.
Marshall Islands


Marshall Islands: Enhancing management of coral reef fisheries and resilience of coral reef ecosystems. Vanuatu


Vanuatu: Supporting sustainable kava cultivation from an ecosystem perspective. Investigating plastic pollution impacts on seabirds.
Palau Palau: Building capacity for protected areas network. Implementing network of marine turtle nesting beach surveys.    

Gau Province Fiji - Photo: Stuart ChapeGau Island, Fiji. Photo: © Stuart Chape

Manual cover

Sea Turtle Monitoring Manual

Sea turtles are cultural icons across the Pacific region and are embedded in the customs and traditions of Pacific Island communities – featuring in myths, legends, songs and traditions. Turtles also have many other values such as for tourism, education and research.

To support more effective turtle monitoring in the Pacific, a new turtle monitoring manual has been produced under the Pacific BioScapes Programme.


The Pacific BioScapes Programme is a European Union (EU) funded action, managed and implemented by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).

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