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Here at PacWaste we believe that everybody has an important role to play in protecting the future of our islands. By making smart choices about what we buy, use and throw away we can all be a part of the movement for a cleaner and safer Pacific.

Right Click here to download one of our Smart Choices posters, or read on for more ideas on how we can all help to protect the environment, reduce waste and build a more resilient Pacific. 

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Commit to composting: More than 50% of the waste that we throw away in the Pacific is organic. This means that it can decompose all on its own. Instead of throwing your green waste into the bin – compost it and use the fertile black soil to help your garden grow.

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Switch off: Electricity is expensive to generate, and when it is powered by coal or diesel it has a very damaging effect on the environment. You can save a surprising amount of electricity – and money – simply by being extra careful to switch off lights and appliances when you are not using them.

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Bring your own bag: Plastic is created from fossil fuels and takes a very long time to degrade. When plastic bags end up in our oceans, they have a harmful effect on our marine species. By taking your own bag when you go shopping, you can save a huge volume of plastic from ending up in in the ocean, streets and landfill.

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Keep rubbish out of our oceans: Litter on our streets, beaches and near waterways inevitably ends up in the sea. You can help to protect our marine species, fish stocks and way of life by preventing rubbish from reaching the ocean. This means always putting your litter in the bin, never leaving it on the ground.

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Say no to burning: Burning rubbish releases toxic chemicals into the environment. These can harm the environment and human health. Instead of burning, separate your waste into compostable and recycle material. Anything left over should go to the landfill, not the burn bin.

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Recycle what you can: Many countries and territories in the Pacific have recycling facilities. Find out what facilities are available where you live and make the effort to recycle what you can from your own home, school, church or workplace. Recycling reduces waste and harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Tell your friends about the importance of making smart choices. The Pacific needs you!
  • Download and share the Smart Choices icons on Facebook, Twitter or instagram to help spread the word. To download, right click on the desired link and select Save link as or Save as target:
  • Come up your own Smart Choices and let us know by using the #smartchoices hashtag or emailing us.
  • Free copies of the printed posters and sticker sets are available for schools. Copies can be requested through SPREP's Information Resource Centre and Archives (IRCA) by emailing [email protected]
  • Faire des choix éclairés pour un Pacifique plus sûr et plus propre. Un nombre limité d'affiches en francais, imprimés sur du papier 100% recyclé, est mis à disposition d'institutions éducatives. Vous pouvez demander des exemplaires en envoyant un email à [email protected]
Thank you for helping to make the Pacific safer and cleaner for all.