What is IPLA?
The International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities (IPLA) was launched during the 19th Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-19) in New York in May 2011 to address the waste management needs of Local Authorities.

IPLA is a network that focuses on networking Local Authorities across the globe in order to help address the capacity constraints technology, financial, institutional, and policy) in implementing waste management infrastructure, and associated services. SPREP currently serves as the Sub-regional Secretariat for Pacific Small Island Developing States.

In 2011, IPLA officially recognized SPREP as its Sub-Regional Secretariat for the Pacific Islands Small Island Developing States (SIDS). IPLA's mission and objectives closely mirror the solid waste management activities that SPREP has been doing in its 21 Pacific island countries and territories since its inception.

What is IPLA's Objective?
To enable Local Authorities to expand their waste management services by accelerating the update of waste-related infrastructure and services at various stages of waste management through promotion and facilitation of meaningful collaboration with a wide range of partners such as governments, business and financial sector, and civil society. The ultimate goal of IPLA is to help LAs move towards a Zero Waste scenario on a global level.

IPLA Membership
IPLA membership is open to all interested local authorities, individuals, organizations, and other entities whose goals are aligned with IPLA's mission of expanding waste management-related services of Local Authorities. Although IPLA gives specific focus to Local Authorities, it will draw synergies with existing international initiatives and partnerships on waste management.

Membership Benefits
Sharing of knowledge, data, and information, accessing expert advice and training, addressing critical and emerging issues, and seizing new opportunities among others. More information on membership is available on the IPLA website

IPLA Portal
An online portal has also been created to connect Local Authorities in particular, and all stakeholders in general, in the area of waste management (http://iplaportal.org/AboutIPLA.aspx).