Organisational Goal 1:

SPREP has information, knowledge, and communications systems that get the right information to the right people at the right time and influence positive organisational, behavioural and environmental change.

The role of the Secretariat as a clearing-house of information and knowledge is fundamental to ensuring that essential technical, scientific information, and traditional knowledge is available to our Members when needed. 
Effective SPREP external communications and advocacy is vital in protecting and sustainably managing Pacific environments and in forming and maintaining relationships with current and potential new Partners.

Organisational Goal 2:

SPREP has multi-disciplinary processes in programme delivery and in supporting Members to develop national and regional policies and strategies. 

The SPREP Secretariat will develop and deliver integrated programmes. 
When we combine our disciplines, perspectives, and strengths, we deliver the best services to Members and the most transformative environmental leadership in the region. 
Integrated programme approaches deliver strategic and aligned results in Member countries and focus the resources available to SPREP on the strategic areas of change.

Organisational Goal 3:

SPREP has a reliable and sustainable funding base to achieve environmental outcomes for the benefit of the Pacific islands region and manages its programmes and operations to stay within its agreed budget.

The SPREP Secretariat will look for greater cost-effectiveness and efficiencies and better integrate financial and programme planning to retain the confidence and trust of our Members, donors, and partners. We will continue to execute the checks and balances that contribute to our credibility as the region’s premier environmental organisation. We will seek predictable, multi-year funding and investigate innovative means of establishing sustainable funding, including from new partners

Organisational Goal 4:

SPREP is leading and engaged in productive partnerships and collaboration. 

SPREP is committed to effective coordination of regional efforts in the spirit of the Framework for Pacific Regionalism and within SPREP’s mandated areas of focus and to collaborating with other regional organisations and partners who provide additional expertise and capacity. We often act as a gateway for partners at the national level, and we will continue to build genuine and productive partnerships that support the advancement of Members’ national and regional priorities. We will improve the way we manage partnerships, seeking to make them meaningful, mutually beneficial, and focussed on achieving positive environmental outcomes.

Organisational Goal 5:

SPREP has access to a pool of people with the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to enable it to deliver on its shared regional vision.

Our people are our most important resource. Our priority is to continue to recruit and retain skilled and talented people who have the Pacific region’s best interests at heart. The international employment market continues to be highly competitive, and work forces are becoming more mobile. With an ever-changing global market, we need to continuously build staff capacity and capability to respond to change and new developments as well as to maintain the respect and confidence of our Members, partners, and donors. We also need to embrace new and different cost-effective approaches to remain competitive. The Secretariat will continue to ensure it provides a positive and healthy environment for its staff and Members to work in.

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