This webpage is dedicated to broadcast SPREP's commitment to ensuring maximum accountability and transparency in the way it conducts its business. SPREP has established an investigations hotline, dedicated email, and a confidential drop-in box located at the secretariat's front office at Vailima.

Confidentiality: we are committed to safeguard all request to be confidential and will honor to the extent possible within the legitimate needs of the investigation.

False Reporting: any SPREP staff found to transmit knowingly any False information will face disciplinary action. SPREP will sanction against any personnel who deliberately make a false accusation or intentionally provide false information.

Whistleblower Protection: SPREP staff have a right to be protected from retaliation for having reported allegations of fraud or any wrong-doing or for having cooperated with a duly authorized audit or investigation.

How to Report a Retaliation: SPREP staff can report any form of Retaliation with supporting documentation forwarded to the Office of the Internal Auditor via [email protected].