PIP is the umbrella regional coordinating body for agencies working on invasive species 
(pests, weeds, and diseases introduced from other places) in more than one country of the Pacific. 

See the report "On the Verge of a Biological Crisis: the state of invasive species in the Pacific" here [PDF, 891 KB]

PIP is the Invasive Species Working Group of the Roundtable for Nature Conservation in the Pacific Islands.

What does PIP do? 

PIP promotes coordinated planning and assistance from regional and international agencies 
to meet the invasive species management needs of the countries and territories of the Pacific

Contact PIP here: 

David Moverley (PIP Coordinator)
SPREP, PO Box 240, Apia, Samoa


PIP Chair

Ray Nias
Director - TierraMar Consulting 
Sydney, Australia


Past PIP Chairs

*Phil Andreozzi
US National Invasive Species Council (NISC)
Washington DC, USA

*Josua Wainiqolo
Land & Resources Division SPC (2013–2015)

*Dr Souad Boudjelas (2010–2013)
Pacific Invasives Initiative 


*Dr Alan Tye (2007–2009)