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Reaching Pacific Audiences
October 16, 2020 by nanettew
Climate Change Resilience

16 October 2020 - Pacific islands media play a crucial role in building the resiliency of our local communities, even more so as we enter the Tropical Cyclone season.  An online workshop for Pacific media – “Reaching Pacific audiences during the cyclone season” is now open for Pacific media to register. 

The more informed our media are of coming climate and extreme weather events, the better they can relay that information on to Pacific communities, in a manner to empower preparedness and response.

The online workshop will also be aligned with the virtual Pacific Islands Climate Outlook Forum (PICOF) 2020.  PICOF brings meteorological experts from across the region to discuss the upcoming tropical cyclone season and what Pacific audiences need to know about preparing for weather and climate events.

“Our work is ongoing in bridging several gaps for our Pacific resiliency.  We’re working through the science to bring information to our Pacific island communities to absorb and prepare for,” Ms Nanette Woonton, Acting Head of Communications and Outreach Unit of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).

“We’re also working to bring people together from different sectors – our Met Staff and Media from across the Pacific - to build networks for ease of sharing information that will be relayed onto our communities.”

The online workshop is the culmination of a strong partnership between the ABC International Development and the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).  The media program is supported by the Australia Pacific Climate Partnership, an initiative of Australian Aid.

"ABC International Development is really pleased to collaborate with SPREP as part of our work to support media reporting on climate change in the Pacific.  Helping journalists to interact with climate scientists and reach audiences with compelling climate stories are key to that endeavour," said Jo Elsom, Lead of ABC International Development, part of Australia's national broadcaster.

It will feature specialised sessions that will last 1.5 hours across four days from Tuesday 20 October to Friday 23 October 2020.  The programme will be shared upon registration, and data stipends of AUD 120 will be available to participants who complete the program and file at least one related story.

Working with senior staff of the Australia Broadcasting Corporation, a key focus of the online workshop will be the content development for a wide range of audiences in mind.   The media mentors will assist participants to cover the event and develop climate-focused stories that are accurate and compelling for Pacific audiences.

“We’re encouraging our Pacific media to register and be part of this.  We have great people and partnerships that are working to make this happen – building the knowledge base of our Pacific media, and the resiliency of our Pacific island communities,” said Ms Woonton.

A follow up session will also take place on Friday 30 October will introduce you to a new media grants program that will help you to tell more climate stories throughout the cyclone season.

To register for the online workshop for Pacific media “Reaching Pacific audiences during the Cyclone Season” please visit