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General News
The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) is on track to building its' capacity to meet accreditation standards for the Global Environment Facility. This will allow the organisation to develop projects on behalf of Pacific island members ensuring better access to environment finance.

Work is now underway with two consultancy firms who spent time with SPREP in February as part of their scoping mission to identify the baseline capacity of SPREP in relation to GEF accreditation standards.

SPREP SCA birds eye view of the SPREP Compound in Samoa -  image © Stuart Chape

Nataij Consultancy Firm based in America leads in developing policies and guidelines in the areas of finance, audit, procurement, project management, evaluation, environmental and social safeguards, and gender mainstreaming. EightyOptions is an IT firm based in Tasmania and will help build SPREP's Project Management Information System.

"The work undertaken by Nataij is critical to set us on the right path towards GEF accreditation but more broadly and importantly, this project will strengthen the overall capacity and capabilities of SPREP to deliver projects more effectively in-order to help our member countries address their environmental concerns," said Acting Director of the Environmental Monitoring and Governance Division of SPREP, Mr. Clark Peteru.

The Nataij team comprised of Ms. Dima Reda the Team Leader, Dr. Lily U Hale the Project Management Expert, Mr. Peter Maertens the Fiduciary/Audit/Financial Expert and Ms. Liz Wall the Environment and Social Safeguards Expert.

The team met with various SPREP staff from different divisions to discuss the how SPREP can strengthen its existing capacity to meet GEF accreditation standards. A series of meetings ensued with multiple presentation lead by section heads in Finance, IT, HR, Audit, Procurement, Programme Management, and Gender.

EightyOptions was represented by Mr. Tony Miller who also met with project managers and senior staff to discuss and design the online project management information system.

Based on the outcomes of this scoping activity the consultancy firms are now working with SPREP to finalise the next steps under this project.

The Medium Sized Project will help SPREP obtain accreditation as a Project Agency of the GEF, this will in turn see SPREP better placed to support Pacific countries in accessing GEF resources on environmental programmes. The United Nations Development Programe (UNDP) is the implementing agency for this one million USD project funded by GEF, executed by SPREP.