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October 1, 2020 by leannem
Waste Management and Pollution Control

The team at the PacWastePlus programme have been actively engaged with country focal points over the past months as they progress programmatic milestones despite postponement of in-country missions.

The PacWastePlus team are excited to release the third issue of our Programme newsletter-The Connection. In this edition you get to read programme implementation highlights, including brief updates from partner programmes and waste management updates that may be of interest to you. This issue features a country corner and a spotlight section as well as access to PacWastePlus virtual library which has useful and valuable resources. To ensure that this newsletter is valuable and engaging for you the programme welcomes your constructive feedback and suggestions to help improve so be sure to take part in a small feedback survey that has been included in this edition!

If you have an interesting article, event announcements, photos that speak “action on the ground” do feel free to submit to the PacWastePlus Communications Officer: [email protected] for consideration of inclusion in upcoming issues. 


Enjoy reading The Connection and remember do reach out to us if you want to include articles of interest or if you have any clarifications. Do feel free to share widely!

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