The PACC country projects showcase best practice adaptation within the 14 countries. Four projects are focusing on coastal zone management, four on food production and food security, and six on water resources management.

The projects are community oriented and gender sensitive. They are using the latest tools and processes to ensure that they combine the best science available with the realities faced by communities.

Early in the process the project teams carried out vulnerability and adaptation (V&A) assessments to ensure the project addressed the priority needs of the communities in view of the climate risks they face. The projects were also assessed economically using cost–benefit analysis. As the projects progress, the project teams are producing technical guidelines to guide future adaptation work in coastal zone management, food production and food security, and water resources management.

Project activities and outputs are diverse, but all projects are delivering real solutions that work for people and their environments, and help them to face an uncertain future.

 The 14 PACC country projects are:

Coastal zone management

Cook Islands: Climate proofing Mangaia Harbour, and protecting the island’s coastline 
Federated States of Micronesia (FSM): Climate proofing Kosrae’s coastal road
Samoa: Community-based integrated coastal protection
Vanuatu: Enhancing resilience of coastal infrastructure and community assets

Food security and food production
Fiji: Improving crop resilience and drainage systems in lowland farming areas
Palau: Land-to-sea approach to climate change adaptation
Papua New Guinea: Drought-resistant crops and farming systems
Solomon Islands: Resilient atoll agriculture

Water resources management
Marshall Islands: Improving water storage systems and facilities
Nauru: Efficient management of the nation’s water supply
Niue: Improving household water security
Tokelau: Improving water security at the household and community level
Tonga: Improving water systems and infrastructure at Hihifo
Tuvalu: Climate proofing water management plans for Lofeagai community