From 2008-2017 the Pacific Climate Change Roundtable (PCCR) functioned as the premier climate change mechanism to coordinate and facilitate climate change dialogue and networking in the region and to link global and regional stakeholders with the national and community levels.
Without a dedicated regional platform for exchange on climate change-specific issues over the last seven years, SPREP member countries have increasingly raised the need for enhanced coordination on climate change, leading to an outcome at the 2023 SPREP meeting endorsing the reconvening of the PCCR in 2024.

2024 PCCR Objectives
The inaugural reconvening of the PCCR will focus on supporting Pacific climate change focal points to develop and agree to a governance structure that sets out the ongoing vision, functions and outputs of the PCCR, the roles and responsibilities of its stakeholders and the focus of agreed thematic areas – in order to deliver a country-driven decision-making process that ensures the PCCR will address climate change priorities highlighted by its members.

The PCCR will be the regional platform that provides countries with the vehicle to address the adaptation, mitigation, financial and other requirements for building the region’s resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change, whilst providing a coordination mechanism that members can use to amplify their national challenges and successes, advance regional aims and leverage regional opportunities collectively.

The specific aim of the 2024 PCCR will be for countries to collaborate to deliver:

  • • Agreement on the PCCR’s ongoing role, vision, objectives and governance structure;
  • • Agreement on the functions of the PCCR and its thematic priority areas;
  • • Advanced discussions on a regional programmatic approach on climate action;
  • • An agreed process for delivering an ongoing Ministerial component under the PCCR; and
  • • An agreed process for ensuring ongoing development partner, donor and other stakeholder engagement under the PCCR