Waigina Island is a project site of the PEBACC Project in the Solomon Islands. 
Below are some pictures of activities by the Project on the island.

Wagina ESRAM Sept 2016

Community workshop to introduce the ESRAM study
in the local i-Kiribati dialect, Nikumaroro Village,
a project site of PEBACC, Waigina Island, 
Solomon Islands
Wagina ESRAM Sept 2016 2
A group of men from Nikumaroro Village document and 
map the land and sea ecosystem uses on which they
Wagina ESRAM Sept 2016 3
Assessing the extent and condition of mangroves in 
the upstream reaches of the Seleana River, 
Wagina Island
Wagina ESRAM Sept 2016 5
Curious children from Tekaranga Village look on as 
SPREP representative Fred Tabepuda surveys 
local well water
Wagina ESRAM Sept 2016 4
A local seaweed farm, Wagina Island


PEBACC workshop with traditional leaders on 
Taveuni island in Fiji on nature-based solutions 
to climate change, August 2016
IMG 0209   
Traditional leaders on Taveuni Island discussing nature
-based solutions to climate change, August 2016.
IMG 0254
Somosomo villagers on Taveuni island depend on this 
river, a natural resource for their everyday living, 
August 2016.

IMG 0216  
Traditional farmers, Somosomo village, Taveuni Island, 
August 2016.
IMG 0264
Road-side market selling organic dalo, Taveuni Island, 
August 2016.
IMG 0210      
More discussion around nature-based solutions to 
climate change, Somosomo village, August 2016.

 IMG 0298

Traditional leaders doing a map exercise during
discussions around nature-based solutions, Taveuni, 
August 2016.


ESRAM study in Port Vila and Tanna - photos

A group discussion at the Wan Smol Bag Theatre as 
part of the ESRAM study in Port Vila.

IMG 1406
Field visit to Seaside area, coastal ecosystem, Port 
ESRAM discussions with Seaside community, Port 
Field visit to Hideaway island to study the reef. 
Hideaway Island is a tourist island close to Port Vila.

ESRAM discussions with stakeholders, Tanna Island.

SG Meeting
PEBACC Country Manager for Vanuatu meets the 
Tafea Provincial Secretary General.

IMG 0153
Traditional house, Tanna Island.