Cir#15/55: Year of the Whale in the Pacific Islands 2016/17 Background Information and Proposal for Workshop.

Circular 15/55
Annex 1

Cir#15/54: Invitations and Arragements - Twenty-Sixth SPREP Meeting (26SM) and Associated Meetings Apia, Samoa 21st-24th September 2015.)

Circular 15/54
Provisional Agenda
PEF - Concept and Provisional Final Agenda
26SM Side Events

Cir#15/53: PacWaste Healthcare Waste Incinerator Providers Selected.

Circular 15/53

Cir#15/52: PacWaste Project - Prioritised Regional Asbestos Interventions.

Circular 15/52

Cir#15/51: Invitation to further review the Cleaner Pacific 2025 (Pacific Regional Waste and Pollution Management Strategy 2016 to 2025)

Circular 15/51
Template for Comments on the Cleaner Pacific 2025
Template for Comments on the Implementation Plan

Cir#15/50: Eighth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Waigani Convention (COP-8), Apia, Samoa, 18th September, 2015.)

Circular 15/50
Provisional Agenda
Nomination Form

Cir#15/49: Invitation to attend the 3rd Annual PacWaste Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop.

Circular 15/49
Nomination Form

Cir#15/48: SPREP Annual Report 2014

Circular 15/48
SPREP Annual Report 2014
PROE Rapport Annuel 2014

Cir#15/47: Administrative Note for the 26th SPREP Meeting and Associated Meeting from 17th-25th September 2015.

Circular 15/47
Provisional Agenda
Circulaire 15/47
Provisional Agenda_French Translation
26th SPREP Meeting Revised Dates
26th SPREP Meeting Side Events
List of Hotels and Motels
SPREP AGM Booking Form

Cir#15/46: Thirteenth ordinary meeting of the contracting parties to the convention for the protection of the natural resources...

REF: Thirteenth ordinary meeting of the countracting parties to the convention for the protection of the natural resources and environment of the South Pacific Region and related protocols (Noumea Convention), 17th September 2015 Apia, Samoa.

Circular 15/46
Circulaire 15/46
Provisional Agenda
Provisional Agenda - French Translation
Template_National Report_SPREP Convention
Template_National_Report_SPREP Convention - French Translation
Nomination Form

Cir#15/45: Vacancy Announcement - Shark and Ray Conservation Officer.

Circular 15/45
Job Description
Circulaire 15/45
Job Description_French Translation

Cir#15/44: Introducing New SPREP Staff.

Circular 15/44
Circulaire 15/44

Cir#15/43: Vacancy Announcement - Director, Environmental Monitoring and Governance.

Circular 15/43
Job Description
Circulaire 15/43
Job Description_French Translation

Cir#15/42: Information on the Third Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-3) Meeting and the first Pacific Ministerial Meeting on Meteorology (PMMM)

Circular 15/42
PMMM Concept Note
PMMM Provisional Agenda
PMMM Explanatory Note
PMC-3 Concept Note
PMC-3 Provisional Agenda
PMC-3 Explanatory Notes

Cir#15/41: Requesting Update on Legal Take of Turtles in PICTs.

Circular 15/41

Cir#15/40: Strengthening Environmental Impact Assessment in the Pacific - Guidelines for Practitioners.

Circular 15/40
Regional EIA Guidelines_Draft for Review

Cir#15/39: 18th Meeting of the Pacific Islands Round Table for Nature Conservation, 9-10 July 2015, Suva-Fiji.

Circular 15/39
18 PIRT Meeting Tentative Annotated Agenda

Cir#15/38: Vacancy Advertisement - Climate Finance Adviser.

Circular 15/38
Job Description
Circulaire 15/38
Job Description_French Translation

Cir#15/37: Provisional Agenda for the Twenty-Sixth SPREP Meeting (26SM) in Apia, Samoa, 22nd – 24th September 2015.

Circular 15/37
Circulaire 15/37
Provisional Agenda

Cir#15/36: Invitation to forward initial activity concepts for potential Green Climate Fund project proposal development.

Circular 15/36
SPREP Green Climate Fund Concept Checklist

Cir#15/35: Waigani Convention Training Workshop for Pacific Island Countries, and GEFPAS POPs Release Reduction Project Steering Committee Meeting - 20-24 July, Suva, Fiji.

Circular 15/35

Cir#15/34: SPREP Director General's update for SPREP Members and Partners.

Circular 15/34
Circulaire 15/34

Cir#15/33: Introducing Ms. Nathalie Maisonneuve - SPREP Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management Division Consultant.

Circular 15/33
Terms of Reference

Cir#15/32: Invitation to Pacific island Country and Territory Members to submit nominations

To attend the Journées bleues conference on ecotourism, June 1st to 5th June 2015, Tahiti, French Polynesia.
Circular 15/32

Cir#15/31: Internship Opportunity - For Nationals & Residents of the Pacific Island Countries and Territories Only

Young Professionals Programme - Pacific Islands Roundtable for Nature Conservation Coordinator(PIRTC)
Circular 15/31        Job Description
Circulaire 15/31      Informations Destinees aux Candidats

Cir#15/30: Introducing new SPREP Staff.

Circular 15/30

Cir#15/29: Information Gathering for PIFACC Monitoring and Evaluation.

Circular 15/29

Cir#15/28: Lui Bell Memorial Scholarship Fund - Call for Applications.

Circular 15/28
Application Form

Cir#15/27: Invitation to attend the Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas Regional Workshop.

Circular 15/27
Annex 1

Cir#15/26: SPREP 2015 Calendar of Events.

Circular 15/26
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