You may be aware that SPREP intends to upgrade the current Turtle Research and Database System (TREDS) which is an Access database system we have had for many years capturing turtle data from the region, to a more user-friendly cloud web-based system. In the interim, we have an opportunity to produce some useful outputs from the existing TREDS database through a collaboration with the EU-OACPS Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (BIOPAMA) Programme. This would require access to the data from database to undertake analysis and produce a series of high-quality maps that will support decision making based on scientific data in the future. These would become part of a final output report from the old database, to be shared with PICTs. The analysis of the data will be carried out by Mr. Unity Roebeck, Turtle Database and Conservation officer in collaboration with the BIOPAMA Geographic and Information System (GIS) expert.

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