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3 May 2019, Suva, Fiji - Pacific history continues to be made with the closing of the inaugural Pacific Resilience Meeting on Friday.
The three day event brought together over 300 stakeholders working in partnership for Pacific resilience under the new Framework of Resilient Development in the Pacific.

The theme of the very first PRM was “Youth Futures in a Resilient Pacific” and as such it was preceded with a Youth Forum for which the Youth PRM outcomes statement – “Nothing About Us Without Us” was presented at the closing session.

This highlighted the role of all as agents of change.

“As individuals and a collective, we need to continue to inspire change, motivate inclusion and instigate real and strong commitment to enhance our resilience,” presented Mr. Engel Raygadas of French Polynesia, the Chair of the Pacific Resilience Partnership Task Force under the FRDP during his closing summary today.

“The PRM provided us with the opportunity to learn from each other.  It should not stop here, but we should continue to learn from each other, and in doing so improve and strengthen our actions towards a resilient future.” 

The Pacific Resilience Meeting underpinned the three goals of the FRDP, those being: Strengthened integrated adaptation and risk reduction to enhance resilience to climate change and disasters; Low Carbon Development; and Strengthened disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

Special sessions were facilitated consisting of Pacific island panels to highlight the Pacific stories and actions to achieve resilience under the three areas fostering the spirit of working in partnership, and learning from across the Pacific family.

Discussions were also held on the implementation of the FRDP, and the different structures in place to make it happen for a resilient Pacific. 

“In the spirit of our Leaders’ vision, I hope that you feel you can use the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific, and the Pacific Resilience Partnership as a guiding document and enabling platform, to achieve a higher level resilient actions and higher level of commitment,” said Mr Raygadas.

The outcomes statement of the inaugural Pacific Resilience Meeting will be finalised by Wednesday 8th May, having sought input from all partners and stakeholders and will be made publicly available.

The Pacific Resilience Meeting

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