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It's not every day that a marine biologist is faced with a barrage of questions from a room full of 10 and 11 year olds, particularly those such as "How did you start diving?" and "What was the most dangerous animal you have come across?"

However for Dr. Tim Carruthers, Coastal and Marine Adviser at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), today was one of those days.

school visit1

Over 20 students from Year 7 at Peace Chapel visited the SPREP campus in Apia, Samoa to learn more about marine conservation and the importance of a healthy environment during a special session with Dr. Carruthers.

"I learnt many things about the environment and how to be healthy and to help it grow. When there's pollution and overuse it will start dying and it won't grow up again. We can help it grow by watering all the plants and not cutting the trees down," said Nickeson Chan Mow, aged 11.

"I learnt that we shouldn't throw rubbish in the sea and not to burn plastics. We must keep our environment healthy," said Tiare Lui, aged 10.

school visit2

At the end of the session the take home message for the students was a good one – Nickeson's final words summed it up –

"We must look after our environment. Stop littering and stop throwing rubbish in waters, rivers and our lakes. Care for our environment."