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General News
18 September, 2013, Apia Samoa, 24SM - The Cook Islands will host the 25th Annual SPREP Meeting in 2014, this was announced this week in Apia, Samoa.

2014 is a significant year for the island nation with the general elections to take place as well as preparations for the 50th anniversary of self governance in 2015.
TotiMr. Vaitoti Tupa, Director of the National Environment Service, Cook Islands

"We are now preparing ourselves, we really need to look at scheduling a time that suits us all, and we'll work with the Secretariat on that," said Mr. Vaitoti Tupa, Director of the National Environment Service of the Cook Islands.

"It's a monumental year for us in 2014 and having the honor of hosting the 25th SPREP Meeting adds to the significance of this year. We look forward to it."

The Cook Islands is represented at the 24th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme in Apia, Samoa from 17 to 19 September, chaired by the Government of Nauru and brings together 24 of the 26 members of SPREP, including the newest member, the Government of the United Kingdom.

Former host and chair of the 2012 Annual SPREP Meeting was New Caledonia.