Invasive Species Quiz
Island and Ocean Ecosystems

The global cost of invasive species is estimated at USD 1.4 trillion per year - close to 5% of the global gross domestic product. Invasive species cause harm to natural environments that they are introduced to, by threatening native and endemic species with extinction, damaging ecosystems so that they are less able to provide essential services. They impact other species and resources that people depend on for their livelihoods.

Across the Pacific, efforts are made to reduce the impacts of invasive species. The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), through its Invasive Species Programme and the Pacific Regional Invasive Species Management Support Service (PRISMSS), assists Member countries by providing technical support, sharing knowledge products, and developing resources to inform the management of invasive species in the Pacific.

These resources can be found on the Battler Resource Base (BRB), the central base for all invasive species stakeholder information needs. For example, the BRB hosts 16 Pacific Invasive Species Battler Series developed specifically to provide invasive species practitioners and environment managers with the latest information, guidelines and solutions to help them manage common invasive species issues using case studies from around the Pacific. Other key online resources found in the BRB include management toolkits, databases, and videos demonstrating the severity of invasive species and the benefits of managing them for a resilient Pacific.

Resources and information products are crucial to building capacity and equipping the Pacific region with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage invasive species. Invasive Species PRISMSS Associate Mr Josef Pisi says “Resources such as the BRB and training programs are important for invasive species management. Without information sharing there will be continued biodiversity and ecosystem loss caused by invasive species”.

SPREP has developed a series of quizzes designed to support children and adults alike through a virtual, fun and interactive way to learn and test their knowledge about the Pacific environment.

SPREP challenges you to find out more about our environment by participating in its Invasives Species Quiz. Challenge your friends and family to see how much they know about Pacific invasive species.

To play the quiz, click here or visit our website, follow our Facebook or Twitter to receive updates on new quizzes and upcoming release dates and topics. The Invasive Species Quiz will be opened for two weeks, closing on 26 September 2022, 5pm Samoa time. The top five players will be announced at the end of this quiz period.