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General News
2 July 2015, Apia, Samoa - Players of the Manu Samoa team helped celebrate SPREP day today, along with over 400 school students and general visitors to the campus in Samoa.

SD1Mr. David Sheppard with members of the Manu Samoa Rugby Team - celebrating SPREP Day

SPREP opened its doors to the public to celebrate the day the SPREP Treaty was signed, welcoming schools and the local community to spend time at SPREP to learn more about the intergovernmental regional environment organisation that works across 21 pacific island countries and territories in partnership with five metropolitan members.

"Today we want to share our work with you, so you get to know us, understand more about our environment, who we are at SPREP and what we do, for - and with - our Pacific island people," said Mr. David Sheppard, the Director-General of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)

"Today we hope you will learn how SPREP is "Naturally Part of the Community" – both in Samoa and around the Pacific region."

Le AMOSA School making pledges to fight Climate Change

Nine schools had booked special tours of SPREP which took them through interactive work stations as well as the opportunity to plant trees and learn about the different role they play in helping to protect our environment. They were joined by members of the public who visited the SPREP campus as part of the Open Day celebrations.

A major highlight of today was the visit of the Manu Samoa players who planted trees as well as took part in the guided tours with the students, learning more about environmental governance, responsible waste management, biodiversity conservation and climate change.


"We really appreciate the team making time to visit us today, spending time with our staff and students," said Mr. Sheppard.

"Everyone was excited to see our heroes and were touched that they made time to mix with us all, celebrate our SPREP day with us and learn more about our precious environment. We wish them all the best in their coming game against the All Blacks on home grounds."

Leulumoega Fou School of Fine Arts also displayed their art work and skills through a live carving that was part of the special tour for some of the schools.


"We are honoured to be part of this special day for SPREP, we received a lot of interest from students who wanted to learn about us and we are happy to be here showing our carving and our art work that has a strong link to our environment," said Mr. Amosa Isaia, Lecturer of the Mosaic and Stained Glass Art Discipline.

SPREP would like to thank the Manu Samoa, Chanel College, Maluafou College, Samoa Primary School, Pesega College, St Mary's Primary School, Marist Primary School, Le AMOSA School, St Joseph Primary, St Joseph College and all who visited our campus today.

We leave you with these words of inspiration from our SPREP Youth Ambassador, Ms. Brianna Fruean –
"Our generation will be the most affected by environmental impacts....the exciting part about being in our position is that we can be the generation that changes the game. We have a very important role as future leaders so never feel like you are not important or that you can't make a difference. No matter where you are from or what age you are, you can create positive change."

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