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Press release – Republic of the Marshall Islands Environmental Data Portal Training Workshop
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The RMI Green Climate Fund Readiness Program, in collaboration with the Inform Project through the Climate Change Directorate, hosted a training workshop on the Republic of the Marshall Islands Environmental Data Portal at the end of March.

The RMI Environmental Data Portal has been developed by the regional UNEP-GEF Inform project executed by SPREP, which has established national environment data portals in 14 Pacific island countries to help address the challenges of storing and accessing data. The online database of information and datasets aims to help improve decision making and reporting on the environment. 

The primary objective of the training was to revitalise, re-engage and encourage national stakeholders to use the existing RMI Environmental Data Portal in the effort to streamline, manage and centralise environmental data.

The RMI Environment Data Portal was re-introduced to a wider stakeholder group. Participants to the workshop were registered as new users to the portal, to be able to familiarise themselves with the data portal, it’s usage, and the process of uploading and sharing environmental data online.

RMI Training Photo

The training workshop was targeted towards two different user-groups, based on organisation and focus area of work related to environment:  Government Ministries and Agencies for which 15 participants met on 26 March and Non-Government Organisations which had 21 participants met on 27 March.  Splitting the training into two sessions and setting a limit to 25 representatives per group ensured assistance and materials were efficiently and effectively delivered.

A short presentation providing an overview of the RMI Environmental Data Portal, taking the  participants through the processes in addition to registration and creating groups, was delivered and led by the RMI GCF Readiness Project Knowledge Management Consultant with assistance from RMI GCF Readiness Project Coordinator and RMI SPREP Environment Liaison Officer.

The training workshop was geared towards a more hands-on practical approach, where each participant was advised to bring a laptop and a set of data to work with. The participants’ expertise in their respective fields and data, added value and quality to the training workshop, complementing each of the processes delivered. This resulted in the successful uploading of data onto the RMI Environmental Data Portal.

Based on feedback and suggestions, and as a way forward to keep the momentum going, the participants and organisers agreed on a set of recommendations. An open channel of communication was created, through an email thread inclusive of all participants, to provide continued support and assistance. The process on the registration of new users will be formalised, to ensure a set of standards is in place. All stakeholders will collaborate on drafting an MOU on sharing of data.

Prior to the in-country training workshop, the SPREP Inform Project Team based in Samoa, facilitated an on-line refresher’s course on the RMI Environmental Data Portal, covering the basic aspects of the data portal and demonstrating the process of uploading and sharing data. To fully support the local team in RMI, training materials were provided, such as overview presentations, as well as support materials like manuals and tutorial videos.

The workshops were hosted at the Lomalo Conference Room at the Marshall Islands Resort in Majuro, Marshall Islands.

The GDC NDA Readiness Project coordinated, facilitated and funded the logistics and training sessions.

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