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September 17, 2018 by leannem
Island and Ocean Ecosystems

The Vanuatu Government through the Department of Forestry led a successful national forestry week in Port Vila at the end of August with the theme of ‘Forest and Sustainable Cities.’

The week-long celebration at various locations in Port Vila promoted the re-planting of trees in urban centres, along river banks and coastal and degraded land areas.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme through the Pacific Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change Project (PEBACC) supported a re-planting activity as part of the week’s activities along the lower reaches of the Tagabe River, one of the main rivers in Port Vila.

PEBACC Country Manager, David Loubser highlighted that clearing of trees along the Tagabe River has resulted in problems such as flooding and erosion.

“The re-planting activity provided a great opportunity to educate the people residing along the river about the importance of protecting and re-planting trees  to prevent future flooding and erosion.” Mr Loubser said.

“As part of the PEBACC Project, we encourage the establishment of protected areas, planting fast growing firewood trees in gardens to increase personal firewood supply, planting food trees and clean-up programmes as ecosystem-based adaptation activities to restore the ecosystems that support the population of Port Vila and the surrounding settlements.” Mr Loubser added.


National Forestry Week included a number of panel discussions for the public at the seafront stage in Port Vila on relevant forestry related topics. The discussions engaged speakers from the Forestry, Agriculture, Tourism, SPREP, community farmers, chiefs and community leaders.

The week ended with a local FM station providing live coverage of the closing at the Department of Forestry’s Tagabe nursery, where more awareness was given out on the theme of forests and sustainable cities to listeners’ through-out Vanuatu.


For further information please contact:

Mr. David Loubser, PEBACC Vanuatu Country Manager [email protected]