PIELA Categories
PIELAs were awarded for outstanding achievement in the following thematic areas related to environmental sustainability in the 22 Pacific island countries and territories within the SPREP mandate:

  • Biodiversity conservation - achievements in protecting terrestrial and marine species and ecosystems, establishing and managing protected areas, linkages to sustainable livelihoods
  • Environmental governance - achievements relating to establishment and implementation of national laws and policies, regional frameworks, and community-based management initiatives for all environmental issues
  • Climate change adaptation - innovative solutions for ecosystem-based adaptation at community, sub-national and national levels

For the inaugural awards, the award categories were:

  • PIELA for excellence in national leadership in environmental sustainability and conservation
  • PIELA for excellence in community leadership in environmental sustainability and conservation
  • Champion of the Pacific Environment - eligible from any category but considered by the Award Panel to be the outstanding nominee for the current award period
  • PIELA lifetime achievement for excellence in Pacific environmental leadership

Awards categories that will be added after the inaugural awards cycle will include:

  • PIELA for excellence in leadership and innovation in environmental media
  • PIELA for excellence in implementing ecosystem approaches to climate change adaptation
  • PIELA for excellence in environmental and related social science and innovation