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Cir#18/06: Final Mid-Term Evaluation of the EU 10th EDF Pacific Hazardous Waste Management Programme (PacWaste)

Circular 18/06

Final report

Final report (Annexes)

Cir#16/24: Invitation to attend the 4th Annual PacWaste Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop.

Circular 16/24
Annex 1

Cir#16/18: Proposed use of the PacWaste Contingency for TC Winston and Pam post disaster waste response actions.

Circular 16/18

Cir#15/65: Minutes of the Third Annual Steering Committee Meeting of the Pacific Hazardous Waste (PacWaste) Project and Third Year Workplan and Budget

Circular 15/65
PacWaste Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
PacWaste Work Programme and Budget

Cir#15/53: PacWaste Healthcare Waste Incinerator Providers Selected

Circular 15/53

Cir#15/52: PacWaste Project - Prioritised Regional Asbestos Interventions

Circular 15/52

Cir#15/49: Invitation to attend the 3rd Annual PacWaste Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop.

Circular 15/49 Nomination Form

Cir#14/97: PacWaste HealthCare Waste - Request for Country Information and Support

Circular 14/97       Question Form: Annex 1

Cir#14/96: Minutes of the 2nd PacWaste Steering Committee Meeting held on 1st October 2014 in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Circular 14/96      Minutes of the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting         Year 2 Work Programme & Cost Estimate

Cir#14/89: Invitation to attend 2nd PacWaste Steering Committee Meeting

Circular 14/89     Agenda

Cir#14/84: Launch of Country Reports for PacWaste Healthcare Waste Baseline Survey

Circular 14/84

Cir#14/50: Launch of the PacWaste Regional Baseline Survey for Asbestos Materials and Waste

Circular 14/50

Cir#14/47: PacWaste Launch of Project Webpage

Circular 14/47

Cir#14/18: PacWaste Project and Launch of Baseline Survey for Healthcare Waste

Circular 14/18

Cir# 14/14: Revision Tender for PacWaste Regional Baseline Study on Asbestos Materials and Waste

Circular 14/14

Cir#14/04: National Focal Point Nomination for the PacWaste EDF10 Programme

Circular 14/04