Priority Area Ecological Restoration

Pacific threatened species and ecosystems often exist within high value areas on larger islands where invasive animals and invasive plants will continue to be a threat. A site-led approach to manage multiple invasive species and re-introduce lost native species and ecosystem structure over a longer period of time is the last remaining option to restore and maintain these ecosystems. Communities directly benefit from resilient ecosystems and are an essential part of ecological restoration. Many priority area ecosystems have been restored over the past 3 decades, mostly in New Zealand. The Pacific has had several pilot sites which have had very successful outcomes with increases in threatened endemic birds.



Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

SPREP is the lead PRISMSS technical partner for this programme. The SPREP Invasive Species Team has over 50 years’ experience in executing ecosystem restoration projects in the Pacific, New Zealand and internationally. This includes priority sites within urban areas to nationally significant larger natural areas. Experience ranges from managing individual sites to wider landscape multi-site projects

Current Projects:

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Photo credits: ©Huggard Tongatule © David Moverley © Josef Pisi