The overall goal of the project is to build social, ecological and economic resilience of the target island communities of the Federated States of Micronesia and reduce their vulnerabilities to extreme drought, sea level rise and other climate risks through water resource management, coastal resource and development planning, and by promoting gender perspectives and ecologically sound climate resilient livelihoods.

The project aims at reducing the vulnerability of the selected communities to risks of water shortage and increase adaptive capacity of communities living in Woleai, Eauripik, Satawan, Lukunor, Kapingamarangi, Nukuoro, Utwe, Malem to drought and flood-related climate and disaster risks.

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Enhancing CC Resilience of Communities in FSM

The objectives of the project are:
Prepare the necessary institutional and regulatory frameworks, policies, guidance and tools to help deliver a climate resilient FSM.
Strengthen water and livelihood security measures to help 6 outer atoll islands adapt to impacts of climate change related to water, health and sanitation.
Provide communities with climate resilient infrastructure to help relocate from high risk coastal inundation sites.
Capture and share the local knowledge produced on climate change adaptation and accelerate the understanding about the kinds of interventions that work in island environments in FSM.

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