The project aims to strengthen the role of the PCCC through funding from the Government of Australia to further operationalize the PCCC's functions and leverage the support provided by existing partners. It will enhance linkages between the Australia Pacific Climate Partnership (APCP) and the PCCC. It complements existing PCCC partnerships with the Government of New Zealand and Japan. The project supports the delivery of the PCCC's Strategy and Business Plan, which has been endorsed by the PCCC Advisory Board. and the multi-year workplan which underpin the Strategy and Business Plan. The project also provides flexible funding to allow the PCCC to deliver on activities outlined in the multi-year workplan. It also includes funding for two staff positions to support strengthening the PCCC engagement with APCP.
The overarching objective of the project is to support the realization of the vision of the PCCC, which has been endorsed by SPREP members to enhance the capacity of Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICT) to build resilience to climate change and achieve low carbon development pathways. The outcomes of the project aligns with the four key functions of the PCCC and the outputs are drawn from the PCCC Strategy and Business Plan.

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PCCC - DFAT Project

The Pacific Climate Change Center (PCCC) is able to effectively deliver towards its vision of globally respected center of excellence which is highly valued by Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

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