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Invasive Species
Invasive alien species represent an insidious and pervasive threat to the environmental, economic and human well-being of the Pacific islands. Pacific island ecosystems make up one of the world’s important biodiversity hotspots, with high numbers of endemic species that are particularly vulnerable to extinction due to their limited habitat and isolation.
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Evaluation team: Peter Thomas, TierraMar Consulting, Evaluation Office of UNE: Tiina Piiroinen - Evaluation Mgr, Mela Shah - Evaluation Programme Assistant; The UNEP/GEF Prevention, Control and Management of Invasive Alien Species in the Pacific Islands project also known as the IAS project, commenced on 12 September 2012 and was due for completion on 30 September 2016, following an extension of one year. The project was designed to provide support to Pacific Island countries in their national efforts to implement the Guidelines for Invasive Species Management in the Pacific – a Pacific Strategy for managing pest, weeds and other invasive species (Tye 2009) which were developed and adopted as the regional strategic framework for invasive species management in 2009.
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