Transitioning to a post-pandemic Pacific

Despite this situation, the Pacific countries’ efforts on the sustainable development of the tourism sector from the environment point of view should not be undermined. SPREP in partnership with the South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) developed the Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Coastal Tourism Development in Pacific Island Countries and Territories (Coastal Tourism EIA Guidelines) to guide tourism developers towards better environmental planning.

During these challenging times, it is important for the Pacific partners and members to remind each other of the importance of applying their available tools to safeguard the people and environment from the risks and impacts that may arise from poorly executed tourism development.

The Coastal Tourism EIA guidelines are to increase awareness and understanding of the EIA process across the Pacific region’s tourism sector; promote best practice EIA for coastal tourism development; encourage government agencies and tourism developers to comply with national EIA regulatory frameworks and support sustainable and resilient coastal tourism development that protects the environmental, social and cultural assets that provide a foundation for tourism.

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