The Audit of SPREP activities is carried out by external and/or internal auditors.
1. External Audit: SPREP employs external and independent audit firms to conduct audit for both projects and the corporate accounts. This occurs annually with the final audit report submitted for discussion and approval by the SPREP Governing Council Meeting in September. Audit reports for projects executed by SPREP are submitted to the donor or implementing agencies.

SPREP monitors and evaluates projects from time to time in search of lessons learned and best practices. It does this through mid-term and terminal evaluation reporting to capture, store and disseminate what works and what doesn't in the
context of protecting and preserving the environment in the Pacific.

Lessons learned and best practices are meant to be replicated across multiple focal areas of work that SPREP engages in. When designing suitable and responsible projects that address critical environmental priorities of the region, these lessons
and best practices will inform project design to ensure that successes are repeated and mistakes avoided.